Now you can participate in a project that contributes to the increase of customers to your business. How?

The perception of a tourist area is always based on its first impression. Tourists look at everything around them, and seek to know more.
Sosua has many natural attractions, restaurants and activities, but what is the tourist’s first impression as they arrive from the Gregorio Luperon airport? 
In the ​​Sosua Abajo, a project is currently underway to enhance its first impression.
Local artists are working together with business owners to create store front murals that will turn this location into a beautiful street art gallery and a tourist attraction.
Around the world there are more projects just like this one. Some cities coming to be known directly by the artistic intervention carried out in their communities, places where they have increased the number of visitors by over 1000%. 
Sosua Abajo is the first place visitors will travel through on their way to the national tourist capital of Sosua. Today, many stores have flat colors and are rundown in appearance, which with your help… we will change.
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Artists are creating designs directly related to each store business service or products, but still inspired by our Caribbean life, such as music, multiculturalism, marine life among others interests.
We seek the support of our community to keep this project going to completion. 
Sosua in Colors will turn Sosua Abajo into a colorful letter of introduction for such a lively municipality as the one of SOSUA.
Each participant can donate and become a  SPONSOR for 1 store front mural or as a PATRON for a minimum of five.
With this contribution and support, you will be recognized as one who makes these murals possible.
Each painting will have its sponsor’s name painted next our “Sosua in Colors” logo. They will also be given a framed certificate of appreciation and will have a photograph taken with their mural to show that they are the one who made this transformation possible.
Increase your flow of customers, be a patron of the arts and become better known in your community.