Ilana Neumann

Welcome to sosua, im Ilana Neumann, the mayor of Sosua. Sosua in colors is a ongoing project in the Sosua abajo area. Our tourist who visit us that comes like from the Gregorio Luperon airport this would be the first impression they get when getting to this area this is going to give chances to keep working on project like this one that can impact in a way that transform the visual image of our city in a natural way to have an important identity in a artistic point of view and everyone living in sosua abajo or sosua municipality, that wants to get involved, of course the only thing they have to do, is to have communication with the city hall and doors will be open to receive them.

Sosua in Colors is proud to have our community Mayor involved in this project. She is helping the citizens of Sosua in such a way that for years visitors will remember coming through the Sosua Abajo and enjoying artwork as they drive towards the center of town.

Having her help is vital and assures progress will be made in all aspects of the project. Please read what she has to say about Sosua in Colors. Artwork Mural painting is happening on a daily basis, so make sure you take some time to drive through the area and see for yourself.