Provide the tourism sector and especially the inhabitants of the city access to a massive and democratic art that confined in museums and exhibitions, where urban art is the pretext and at the same time the engine of a positive change process of a community that Seeks to transform your image and reinforce your identity.

Boa Mistura., (2016) PHOTO. Recovered: https://goo.gl/bdpoAX
Lora, R., (2017) PHOTO. Recovered:: https://goo.gl/ctgsfh
Ramirez, M., (2014) PHOTO. Recovered: https://goo.gl/crT1i3

The important thing is not the dimension of the project, but to improve relations and communication between neighbors. Participation, networking, community feeling and empowerment are key concepts in this kind of projects.

Syarifudin, A., (2017) PHOTO. Recovered: https://goo.gl/8SX91N

Through this community intervention, we intend to generate a propitious space that leads to new processes of cultural and social development within the community.

Our proposal

The main purpose of the project is to turn the whole street into an art gallery. It seeks to develop an artistic project of urban art that manages to portray through colors, shapes and images our culture and history so that it can be captured in a living and accessible way for all citizens of Sosúa and the country.

To achieve this goal there must be everything, we can not limit ourselves only to the renovation of homes, it must also integrate all that exists in the environment, whether it is a light pole, a drainage system and even part of the power line.

The subjects to be painted will be established beforehand by the guild of artists responsible for the execution of the project, but the guest artist or volunteer who is in charge of said housing will have the freedom to sketch what he / she wants to express and how He thinks it more convenient. These should have the purpose of encouraging people to become aware of the specific issue.

¿Why Sosúa Abajo?

The main reason why the Sosúa Abajo community was chosen was because it was a strategic area to achieve the objectives of this project. Being at the entrance of the city, Sosúa Abajo is the first impression and identity of the community of Sosúa, which has a great cultural potential that has not been explored in recent years.

Sosúa Abajo represents the working class of the municipality of Sosúa, the counterpart of what would be the tourist environment, so it is to understand that there must be a symbiosis that allows visitors to enjoy everything that this municipality can visually offer.

Vision to the future

This project opens precedents for new manifestations of urban art to emerge and with them a new and more integrated vision of art.

This specific project represents the evolution and valorization of years of history and culture in the city of Sosúa. But now they gain a new focus and innumerable possibilities, including allowing a good part of the population that does not have access to art and culture, to talk with that language, contributing to the transformation of social, cultural and social relations. qualitative of the urban.