Project Description

Víctor Belén





He was born in Santo Domingo in 1966. He completed his studies at the APEC University, where he also studied cartoons and advertising. He graduated from the Jaime Colson School of Art, the Modern School, and the National School of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo.

He has studied cinematography at the Dominican Institute of Cinematographic Sciences, as well as film and photography at the Art and Film Workshop (TACINE) of the UASD, at the Directorate General of Cinema DGCINE of the Ministry of Culture and at the Global Institute of Multimedia and TV.

He has participated in more than 50 collective art exhibitions, both in the city and abroad. Live art, painting and caricatures.

He is currently director of Sosúa Cartoon, cartoon school in the city of Sosúa.


"My position in the world as an artist and as a social entity is the product of my perception of the social environment and the uncertainty in which my country has lived and lives, the same that provoke in my inner world the need to express myself through various means such as: visual art, painting, comics, movies, cartoons, caricature, and illustration.