Project Description

Rissatory Matías

"The art that is in me makes me free. More than conscious, it makes me feel important, a useful being in humanity and my work is my greatest delight. "

He was born in Sosúa in 1985. He is artistically self-taught. Passionate about sub-realistic themes, nature, elements socio-culturales, la fotografía en perspectiva aérea y el paisajismo.

He made his artistic studies in Santiago de los Caballeros in the Weapons Museum of the Old San Luis Fortress and in the School of Drawing and Painting of the House Chi. También estudió dibujo animado 2D en la Escuela Sosúa Cartoon.

Rissatory is a volunteer teacher in several rural communities and also in private institutions such as the eco-tourism project Jamao Ecotours.

You have participated in different individual and collective exhibitions.

Art Portfolio