Adding Music in Colors

Adding Music in Colors

We would like to update you and share with you the progress of the last weeks. We have been able to finish several buildings at this time and we will tell you the story of each one individually. Because like human beings, we are all different, our murals and their stories are also different.

Mural #14

Feliberto Pichardo Valerio is an artist from Santiago who agreed to give rhythm and joy to the walls of building # 7 where the famous room Juana de Sosúa Abajo is located. Feliberto chose a musical theme for his mural and thus demonstrate the indissoluble union of different forms of art: in this case music and the plastic arts. What touched us the most was that he arrived with his children who helped him with all his heart and also took the opportunity to visit our beautiful city and its beautiful beach. It was an enriching experience for both the guests and us.

Mural #15

Keyla Colón is a young local artist who was responsible for the creation of mural # 15. Working these two buildings located so close to each other was not easy because one is a private house and another is a sales office. But Keyla knew how to unite them with the common theme that consists of the blue color of the sky in one part and tropical flowers in the other. We hope that this artistic impression will bring peace and success to the owners.

Casitas Tropicales

In Sosúa Abajo there are also very modest houses located a little removed from the other buildings of the urbanization. To give them more life and good vibes, it was decided to paint them in bright and cheerful colors. Luigi Castro He agreed to help us with that mission. But since he has all the personality of a great artist, he could not stop and used his creativity to add some lovely elements. As a result, the light poles were also transformed and some dolls were painted to please the young inhabitants of the house.

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