Sosúa in Colors Receiving Artist from Santiago

2 Finished Murals

We are happy to share with you the last results of last weekend. We have 2 more completely finished murals. One is from the artist Osiris Salomón. By the way, the riddle the last blog post was about his mural. The other is from the artist Matias Rissatory that you already know very well. This is already his second mural in the project Sosúa en Colores and it is not yet the last one. Below you will find before and after photos of the buildings transformed by these two talented artists.

Osiris Salomón

Salomon Osiris Sosua en Colores

Matias Rissatory


Guest of Santiago

This weekend we had the honor of receiving an artist from Santiago. Manuel Omar Hernández He is a visual artist, muralist, interior designer and art teacher. He has participated in several mural projects in the country, including the largest and most successful in Santiago where he painted a mural dedicated to the famous artist Fefita la Grande. And now he came to Sosúa to create a mural with the theme Marine Life. He will be back next weekend to add the final details to the mural. But we are too impatient to wait for it and we already want to share the first shots. Do not hesitate to stand to support and say thanks to Omar if you see him working next Saturday.


We are on the radio

We are on the radio Reset Radio on the EXA 96.9 FM radio station he was talking about our project and the positive changes that we are causing in the community of Sosúa. You can find the video of the transmission in our account in Facebook.

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